STEM Navigator

STEM Navigator

STEM Navigator - Encourage, Enable and Engage K-12 Students in STEM Academics and Careers


STEM Navigator is an online community where teachers, families, public and private organizations, and the general public come together to engage, encourage and enable K-12 students to explore, launch and build a future in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

STEM Navigator:

  • Encourages interest in and exploration of STEM via "channels" that provide for the contribution and sharing of STEM-related content for students, educators and families:
    • Information that would be interesting to students at all levels;
    • Resources for educators to develop their students;
    • Articles for families to sustain their childrens' interest in STEM; and
    • Public and private sector organizations to highlight and support STEM initiatives in their communities
  • Enables a supporting community to reinforce student interest in STEM by allowing for educators, families and organizations to interact, help and mentor students
  • Engages students by letting them create and visualize their story of day-to-day activities, discoveries, projects, achievements, interests and goals in STEM; discover pathways from school to college to STEM careers; earn badges based on points collected from participating in the community and the accomplishment of goals; and select and interact with Mentors for advice and guidance

Students Can:

  • Navigate STEM channels for articles and resources on STEM in real life; receive help with understanding STEM concepts; etc
  • Explore fascinating and interesting careers in STEM and a subject/study plan to help prepare for those careers
  • Create a "Story" of STEM related activities, discoveries, achievements, awards and projects along with related videos, images and documents to showcase their knowledge and progress. Students collect points and are awarded badges for their participation and accomplishments
  • Use the "Timeline" feature to move around in and show off their Story. Explore STEM-based academic and career "Pathways"
  • Find, connect and securely communicate with Mentors who can provide help with STEM subjects or advice and guidance in navigating educational and career topics related to their interests in STEM

Educators and Families Can:

  • Contribute articles, blogs, discussions, etc. related to STEM subjects and topics to provide a continuous stream of current and interesting subject matter for students and for sharing experiences and successes with their peers
  • Mentor students who have selected to be their Protégés, on a one-on-one basis, as they discover, explore and develop their interest in STEM disciplines and careers
  • Interact with students in a web-based social networking medium that allows for anytime-anywhere communications and that students increasingly use for their interactions
  • Identify themselves as Mentors and their profile their areas on interest or expertise. Once identified as Mentors, they can be contacted by students and can accept Protégés. The Mentor – Protégé relationships can exist for as long as the student desires

Public and Private Organizations Can:

  • Engage in STEM initiatives by announcing their support and sponsorship for projects, events, etc. that will be highlighted in the relevant channels. Sponsored events could consist of "industry day" and career fairs; visits by school groups to learn about STEM careers; competitions; etc
  • Encourage student participation by providing prizes for achieving point levels and badges
  • Encourage employees in STEM careers to volunteer as Mentors. Such employees would be identified as Mentors and then accept requests from students to be their Protégés
  • Be recognized for supporting educators and students with resources and contributions

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