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Counseling, Program Management & Staffing Services

Counseling, Program Management & Staffing Services (CPMS) offered by Indtai range from education, career and transition counseling, to substance abuse, sexual assault prevention and specialized care and treatment for Wounded, Ill and Injured.

Indtai's counselors and program managers work synergistically to enable substantial resource and cost efficiencies in the operations of major community services programs where program managers, counselors and support staff serve tens, if not hundreds of thousands of members of the military community worldwide.

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Technology Services

Indtai's Information Technology Services (ITS) group leverages its depth and breadth of technology & systems experience to design, develop and deliver innovative solutions for our client communities. We are technology agnostic, but do focus on Open Source, Web 2.0 and Cloud technologies to develop, deploy and support solutions for Indtai's clients.

Indtai's Technology Services closely support our Counseling, Program Management & Staffing services and Environmental Risk Management Services to meet the education, career and life cycle transition needs of Service members, Veterans, and family members. The ITS group augments the business expertise of Indtai's Counseling, Program Management & Staffing Services (CPMS) and Environmental Risk Management Services groups for Indtai to provide a 360° degree solution to a problem.

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Environmental Risk Management Services

Indtai is committed to providing inter-disciplinary solutions to solve our clients' complex program management and evaluation, communication and outreach, regulatory and economic, and information management challenges. Indtai strives to provide our clients with success through a multi-disciplinary team and the application of innovative, leading-edge methodologies and analytical tools in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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