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Indtai's platforms provide a suite of capabilities and tools that can be deployed to help users in defining their interests and accomplishments and using those to explore future education and career pathways to achieve their goals and where appropriate, address life challenges.

The genesis of Indtai's Platforms is rooted in tools developed to assist Indtai's Counseling, Program Management & Staffing Services team as they delivered education and career counseling to service members and their families and supporting K-12 STEM education initiatives. Those initial tools, intended to enable rapid, efficient access to information needed by Program staff, have evolved via significant enhancements into two platforms that leverage a common architecture, technology stack and core functional capabilities but are then uniquely fashioned to serve their distinct target communities - adult learners such as those from the military community of active-duty Service members, Guardsmen, Reservists, Veterans, and family members; and STEM focused K-12 learners.