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Counseling, Program Management and Staffing Services

Our Services

Our CPMS team delivers responsive services that consist of promoting the concept of “information at your fingertips” in one centralized location. Meaning, we take pride in providing you with the most current, relevant sources of information and resources to respond to your immediate and future needs via the utilization of our client-customized and centralized set of Information Technology solutions. These needs can be necessitated by events and conditions in a person’s life and tuned to their personal and professional development needs and goals throughout their military life.

Our CPMS team also supports management activities to establish, maintain and enhance military wellness and lifecycle support services. These activities include professional development, consultation, collaboration, supervision, program management and operations of specialized resources and tools. Our team is committed to leveraging continual personal and professional development. And they are proactively involved in professional organizations promoting quality of life and military and family support programs at the local, state and national levels.

Our Areas of Expertise:
  • Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Transition Assistance
  • Career Counseling
  • Family Member Employment Assistance
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education Support
  • Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention
  • New Parent Support
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
  • Exceptional Family Member Program Support
  • Financial Planning
  • Victim Advocacy
  • Clinical Counseling
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Wounded Warrior Charity Liaison and Case Management
  • Combat Operational Stress Control and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Support
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Retired Activities Support
  • Deployment Support